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197) WinkyGod's sister Linda  Female
Seal Beach, CA Location
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Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:25 AM

Eight years... so much has happened. You have another great-nephew, as you well know. I'm keeping "Uncle Tom's" legacy alive each time the family gets together and reminisces about "The Good Ole' Days." Like today, Katy & Ryan hosted a pot-luck brunch while we cheered on UCLAs football team and we all talked about the high surf at The Wedge which brought back so many memories of running down there together and watching in awe. Biggest surf in 10 years they said, and all I could think of was you and how much you loved the ocean. Some day, little brother, we will all swim in the same waters again. Transformed but united in spirit... until then we remember and grieve your loss but rejoice in the knowledge that bits and pieces of YOU lives on in those we love the most. Thank you for the hard lessons sweet boy. With love, Linda, Mom & family

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