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220) WinkyGod's sister Linda  Female
Seal Beach, CA Location
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Sunday, August 30, 2015 06:54 PM

(220) Nine years have passed... think about YOU every day. We are enjoying another great nephew of yours, probably our last grandchild, one year old Matix Michael. He’s blond and blue eyed like his mommy Katy. I often see you and dad in him as he waits patiently for me to glance at him so he can flash a huge smile and squeal with joy from the attention. Michael and I are enjoying all 7 of our grandchildren as I know you would have done and continue to make our health a #1 priority as you requested. There’s a full moon tonight so I will be singing “I’ll Be Seeing You” just as I did the night you let go and let God take you into the light. Quoting a Tibetan Lama..."We do not die because we are ill but because we are complete. Illness is the occasion of our dying but not the cause.” Loving you Tommy, Linda, mom & family

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