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319) WinkyGod's Sister Linda  Female
Seal Beach CA Location
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 11:41 PM

Eleven years without you… hard to believe. So much has happened but I know you are still with us Tommy. Michael and I retired officially this year. Closed down the family business started by dad in the 1950s... has freed us up to take care of Katy's two boys twice a week so we are happy to spend so much time with them. We moved mom in with us in June. She’s really happy here and we are enjoying her as well. Riley started High School today; TC is now a Junior with a bright future ahead of himself. Our 5 other grands are growing and thriving. The youngest, Matix turned 3 last month. I think he’ll be our last… can’t imagine no more babies to care for. His four year old brother Nixon looks at your picture and knows where you are. He tells me all the time we will all be together again. Michael has fallen in love with surf fishing… it’s fun to sit with him and think of all the time you spent at the beach and how much you enjoyed being outdoors. Carrying on the family camping tradition and working on staying healthy in our senior years. Love YOU baby brother. Linda & Family

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